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At Arasaka Corporation, our commitment to security knows no bounds. With a legacy of innovation and excellence, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to safeguard your interests and ensure a safer, more secure world. From cutting-edge technology solutions to elite training programs, we're your trusted partner in meeting today's security challenges while preparing for tomorrow's. Discover the depth of our capabilities, each service meticulously crafted to address unique security needs and to uphold our vision of a future where peace and security prevail. 

What We


Security Solutions

At Arasaka, safeguarding your interests is at the core of our mission. We offer a wide range of security solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. 

  • Risk Assessment: Our experts conduct in-depth risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities, ensuring you are prepared for any threat. 

  • Threat Mitigation: Arasaka employs advanced strategies and technologies to proactively mitigate threats, providing a robust defense for your assets.

  • Secure Facilities: We design and implement secure facilities with state-of-the-art access control and surveillance systems, guaranteeing the highest level of protection. 


Tactical Training

Elite performance requires elite training. Arasaka offers world-class training programs to prepare military and security personnel for the most challenging missions. 

  • Tactical Skills Development: Our rigorous training programs cover a wide range of tactical skills, from marksmanship to close-quarters combat, ensuring readiness in any scenario.

  • Leadership Training: Develop exceptional leadership skills with our leadership training courses, equipping leaders to make sound decisions under pressure.

  • Simulated Environments: Our state-of-the-art simulation facilities replicate real-world scenarios, providing immersive training experiences that sharpen skills and decision-making. 


Crisis Response

In times of crisis, Arasaka is your reliable partner. Our crisis response capabilities are second to none. 

  • Emergency Evacuations: We excel in organizing and executing safe and efficient emergency evacuations, ensuring the well-being of individuals in high-risk situations.

  • Humanitarian Relief: Arasaka provides critical humanitarian relief support, delivering essential supplies and aid to affected regions, offering hope and assistance in dire circumstances.

  • Strategic Crisis Management: Our crisis management experts develop and execute comprehensive crisis plans, allowing organizations to navigate crises effectively and minimize disruptions. 


Covert Operations

In the world of covert operations, Arasaka is synonymous with precision, discretion, and success. 

  • Intelligence Gathering: Our elite teams specialize in intelligence collection from diverse sources, providing you with critical information to inform strategic decisions.

  • Specialized Infiltration: Arasaka operatives are experts in covert infiltration, enabling access to high-security facilities and sensitive environments. 

  • Counter-Espionage: Protect your organization from espionage threats with our counter-espionage services, detecting and neutralizing foreign intelligence operations. 


Technology Advancements

Arasaka is synonymous with innovation. Our technology division leads the industry in the development of cutting edge military hardware and software. 

  • Exoskeleton Suits: Experience the future of warfare with our advanced exoskeleton suits, enhancing soldier capabilities and survivability in the field.

  • Autonomous Combat Systems: Our autonomous combat systems leverage artificial intelligence to outmaneuver and outthink adversaries, delivering superior battlefield performance.

  • Cybersecurity Solutions: Protect your digital assets with our world-class cybersecurity solutions, safeguarding against cyber threats and espionage. 


Global Operations

Arasaka maintains a global presence to respond swiftly to threats and crises, ensuring security on a global scale.

  • Rapid Deployment Teams: Our highly trained rapid deployment teams are on standby 24/7, ready to provide immediate assistance during crises, from natural disasters to security emergencies.

  • Strategic Partnerships: We have established strategic partnerships with governments and organizations worldwide, facilitating collaborative efforts to address global security challenges.

  • Humanitarian Aid: Arasaka is committed to not only security but also humanitarian efforts, offering assistance in disaster-stricken areas to aid in recovery and relief efforts. 


Consultation & Strategy

Knowledge is power. Our experts in military strategy and consultation are available to help you devise robust security plans and stay ahead of emerging threats.

  • Security Strategy Development: Collaborate with Arasaka to create tailored security strategies that align with your objectives, mitigating risks and ensuring long-term success. 

  • Threat Intelligence: Gain access to our cutting-edge threat intelligence services, offering real-time insights into emerging threats and trends in the global security landscape. 

  • Cybersecurity Consulting: Our cybersecurity consultants provide expert guidance to fortify your digital defenses, safeguarding against evolving cyber threats. 


Maritime Security

The seas can be as perilous as any battlefield. Arasaka offers comprehensive maritime security solutions to protect your maritime interests. 

  • Maritime Risk Assessment: We assess and mitigate risks to your maritime assets, ensuring safe navigation in challenging waters.

  • Anti-Piracy Operations: Arasaka has a proven track record in anti-piracy operations, safeguarding vessels and crew in pirate-prone regions. 

  • Port & Harbor Security: We provide robust port and harbor security solutions, guaranteeing the safety of your maritime facilities and assets. 

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